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Cumulative information

Country code: 156

Full name: the People's Republic of China

Previously introduced restrictions aimed at prevention of animal infectious diseases introduction into the territory of the Russian Federation:
000 – FMD, avian influenza
2004 – avian influenza , FMD
2007 – avian influenza (turkey)

Import of fish, fishery and marine products into the Russian Federation dispatched after 01.01.2010 is approved only from accredited plants of China.

Cumulative data on enterprises licensed for export to the Russian Federation

Last licensed enterprises

Enterprises № 3700/02828
Longkou Wanshunchang Aquatic Food Co.Ltd
Enhanced control from 10.05.2017
Fish : dried fish, salted fish or fish in brine
Direction: № ФС-АС-7/2253-7 from 10.05.2017

Enterprises № 3500/02075
Ningde Ronghai Fishery Co., Ltd.
Enhanced control from 05.05.2017
Fish : frozen fish
Direction: № ФС-АР-7/2254-7 from 05.05.2017

Enterprises № 3500/02222
Fujian Yili Frozen Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.
Enhanced control from 05.04.2017
Fish : frozen fish
Direction: № ФС-АР-7/2221-7 from 05.04.2017

Enterprises № 3700/02C24
Rizhao Rongjin Aquatic Products Co.,Ltd.
Enhanced control from 05.04.2017
Fish : shelled and deshelled molluscs: live, fresh, chilled, frozen
Direction: № ФС-АР-7/2222-7 from 05.04.2017

Enterprises № 2100/02338
Dalian Hongfu Food Co., Ltd
Enhanced control from 31.03.2017
Fish : fish fillet and other fish flesh (including minced fish): fresh, chilled or frozen
Direction: № ФС-АР-7/2208-7 from 31.03.2017

Enterprises № 3400/02043
Anhui Hualin Food Co,.Ltd
Enhanced control from 23.03.2017
Fish : finished or canned fish; caviar and its substitutes prepared from roe
Direction: № ФС-АР-7/2201-7 from 23.03.2017

Enterprises № 2100/02456
Dalian Fudao Aquatic Products And Food Co., Ltd.
Enhanced control from 21.03.2017
Fish : fish fillet and other fish flesh (including minced fish): fresh, chilled or frozen
Direction: № ФС-АР-7/2181-7 from 21.03.2017

All enterprises licensed for export