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Information on Import Permit Given to Two Ukrainian Establishments Appeared in Mass Media

Regarding to the information on permission of import of products from the Ukrainian establishments, OOO “Lozovsky dairy plant” and OOO “Mirgorodsky cheese-making factory” to the Russian Federation appeared in mass media the Rosselkhoznadzor considers it necessary to clarify that the Ukrainian mass media have incorrectly interpreted the Russian Service’s actions taken within the procedure of  enhanced laboratory control imposing and lifting. The said establishments were authorized for export to the Russian Federation and to the Customs Union in 2010. The enhanced laboratory control of products from the said establishments due to banned and hazardous substance detection has been already imposed since that time. The period of the enhanced laboratory control imposed due to the first detection of banned and hazardous substances in their products was completed on the 28th of June, 2014.

Also, the Rosselkhoznadzor informs that banned samples were detected in samples collected from products of one of the said samples. Therefore, temporal restrictions will be imposed on import of products of this establishment.


Jul 1, 2014

Categorys: Veterinary , Customs Union , Import. Export. Transit