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Talks between Representatives of Rosselkhoznadzor and Embassy of India in Russian Federation

The talks took place upon the initiative of the Indian party in Moscow.  First Secretary, Head of the Commercial Department of the Embassy of India in the Russian Federation Mr. Telang informed the Russian party about the changes in the National Government composition and stressed that the new government machinery is targeted at the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries including the areas of veterinary and phytosanitary surveillance.

The main topic of the dialogue was the discussion of the results of the inspection of Indian plants interested in export of their products to Russia carried out in April, current year by the CU specialists. In this context the Rosselkhoznadzor informed the Indian party about the completion of the final inspection report. According to the results of the inspection 6 plants retain the right to export animal products into the CU member-countries provided all deficiencies detected by the Rosselkhoznadzor specialists are removed. Besides it was decided to consider the issue related to authorization of one shrimp processing and packing plant for the export into the CU on condition that all deficiencies, detected by the Rosselkhoznadzor specialists in the course of the inspection, are removed and all appropriate documents are submitted to the Rosselkhoznadzor.

Due to non-compliance with the CU and RF animal health requirements and standards it was decided to impose temporary restrictions on export of products from Plant No. 184 M/S NAIK ICE & COLD STORAGE AT M.D.NAIK INDUSTRIES (fish and fish products processing and packing). It is reasonable to consider the issue related to the lifting of temporary restrictions on export of fish products from the abovementioned plant only when the Indian Veterinary Service provides the Rosselkhoznadzor with the appropriate guarantees and documents concerning the removal of deficiencies detected by the Rosselkhoznadzor specialists in the course of the inspection.

Besides, the temporary restrictions on export of products into the CU from Plant No. 770 (shrimp processing and packing) imposed due to E. coli detection in the consignment of frozen breaded shrimps under enhanced laboratory control as well as to inefficient product traceability were retained.

The Russian party also informed the Indian counterparts, that within two months after the Indian party receives the preliminary report, it may send its comments and clarifications.

The Russian party also expressed its concerns over the ASF virus spread in the EU country. In this context it was noted that it is necessary to focus on this issue within BRICS countries’ collaboration. The Indian party expressed its interest and readiness to work in this area.

The parties also touched upon the current issues concerning certification of egg powder exported from India to the CU territory.

The Rosselkhoznadzor also apprised the Indian party of the Russian producers’ wish to export RTE animal products to India. In this context the Russian party asked to provide it with the Indian animal health requirements and a list of documents necessary to export the products into the Indian territory from Russia.


Jul 1, 2014

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