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Forthcoming Visit of Vietnamese Inspectors to the Russian Federation Aimed at Approval of Russian Animal Product Export to Vietnamese Market

Representatives of the Department of Animal Health (DAH, Vietnam) will be visiting Russia from the 6th to the 17th of April, 2015. The visit will take place within the set of measures aimed at expanding sales of Russian products of animal origin to external markets on the Rosselkhoznadzor’s initiative and its purpose will be to inspect Russian establishments interested in export of products of animal origin to Vietnam.

Joint work of Rosselkhoznadzor specialists and DAH inspectors will be carried out in 8 subjects of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow oblast, Vladimir oblast, Bryansk oblast, Belgorod oblast, Kaliningrad oblast and Novgorod oblast). It is planned to visit 8 establishments manufacturing products of animal origin (beef, pork, poultry meat) and their sources of raw materials. These establishments are included in the list of 13 establishments applying for approval for export to Vietnam basing on the Rosselkhoznadzor Instruction No FS-NV-2/15115, 23.11.2011.

In the framework of the visit it is planned to hold negotiations with the Vietnamese delegation in Rosselkhoznadzor headquarters, visit institutions subordinate to the Rosselkhoznadzor: FGBI “ARRIAH”, FGBI “VGNKI”, FGBI “Bryanskaya MVL (interregional veterinary laboratory)”, FGBI “Belgorodskaya MVL”, and FGBI “Leningradskaya MVL”. The Vietnamese delegation is going to familiarize themselves with the Rosselkhoznadzor activities on the border of the Russian Federation, in border inspection points of Kalinigrad oblast.


Apr 3, 2015

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