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Iran Opened Market for Russian Chilled Beef and Lamb

On March 13-14, 2017 the 2nd meeting of the Russian-Iranian Veterinary and Phytosanitary Working group in which the representatives of Rosselkhoznadzor and Iran Veterinary Organization (IVO) took part.

During the meeting the Rosselkhoznadzor and the Veterinary Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran harmonized and signed protocols on terms of supply of chilled beef and lamb from the Russian Federation to the Islamic Republic of Islam, thus completing painstaking work which lasted several years. The stated requirements, as well as the translated into Russian materials will be published on the official site of the Rosselkhoznadzor.

In addition to that the protocol on terms of frozen poultry meat supplies from Russia to Iran was harmonized and in the near future it will be signed by the Iranian side and forwarded to the Rosselkhoznadzor in order to be signed by the Russian side. In fact, these actions indicate that the Iranian market will soon be opened for Russian poultry meat.

In the course of negotiations the Iranian side provided the Russian side with several veterinary regulatory documents regulating supplies of Russian products to Iran and veterinary health requirements for import of skin materials (hides) from Russia to Iran that will be later translated into Russian and published on the official site of the Rosselkhoznadzor.

Concurrently the Iranian side proposed to the Rosselkhoznadzor to study the information about systems of electronic certification of regulated products applied in Iran. The Rosselkhoznadzor welcomed this approach and in its turn proposed to the Iranian party to familiarize themselves with the Russian systems of electronic certification.

Besides the Iranian side informed that fish and sea products can be supplied to Iran from Russian establishments and ships controlled by the national veterinary service of the Russian Federation. The Russian side thanked their counterparts for this decision and promised in the near future to send a list of these establishments so that later it will be published on the official site of the Iranian veterinary service.

The Russian side expressed interest in exports of animal feeds of plant origin to Iran and requested to provide health requirements for import of the said products to Iran.

During the meeting the parties also discussed technical issues of Russian meat exports to Iran.

The parties also agreed on the need to reconsider the sealing procedure of Russian meat product consignments conducted by the IVO representative and his continued presence in Russian establishments while loading and shipping of the said products.

The Iranian side in its turn addressed with a request to speed up the process of authorization of Iranian establishments for export of dairy and fish products to the Russian market.

The Rosselkhoznadzor assured their counterparts that the decision regarding this issue will be taken in the shortest time possible.

At the end of the meeting the sides agreed to further develop scientific cooperation in the field of animal disease control with the involvement of the country’s related scientific institutions.


Mar 15, 2017

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