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Chief State Veterinary Inspector of the Russian Federation Replies to the Letter from Yushkevich Alexey Olegovich

I suppose that the reply to the question addressed to me from Mr. Yuskevich in the Public-Relation Section would be interesting for many of you, that is why we decided to place it on the site.

The question was the following:

Dear Nikolay Anatolyevich, please ask the following question: The Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will start to work from July 1, 2010, the customs clearance of goods coming into the territory of the Customs Union will be performed at the borders of the Union. What permits should be issued when a consignment under control enters one of the CU member-countries through its border, if this consignment goes to another CU member-country, e.g. a consignment that goes to Kazakhstan enters Russia through the Russian border or vice versa? It’s unclear because all the CU member-countries have their own rules and requirements but the customs area will be common. Where can I get the information concerning import permits in respect to the Customs Union? Thank you.


Dear Alexey Olegovich, you will not need to get any permits – the Union has been established in order to allow free movement of goods within its territory according to fiscal terms.

Now all the rules mentioned by you are different in every country. But the difference is not big – we haven’t made these rules out of thin air, they are imposed by life, and the life is almost common for the three neighboring countries. We have already worked at the total harmonization of these rules jointly with our colleagues from Kazakhstan and Belarus. As the result we will have common (officially – UNIFORM) rules. So you should not feel concern about this problem either.

However, you should take into account that the epizootic situations in these countries are different, and for this reason the regionalization rules, embodied in the rules for issue of veterinary accompanying documents will be used there. That is why businessmen should first study the restrictions imposed due to the epizootic situation, and then make contracts and take responsibilities.

With best regards,

Nikolay Vlasov

May 14, 2010

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