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Sergey Dankvert Conducted Welcoming Meeting with Delegation of Ministry of Agriculture of Iraq

The meeting has taken place today in Moscow where the delegation had arrived in order to get familiar with the epidemic situation on highly dangerous avian and cattle diseases in Russia. The delegation is led by Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Iraq Mr. Mahdi Thumad Mhaisen.

Sergey Dankvert  greeted the Iraqi colleagues and noted that the visit was long-awaited for the Rosselkhoznadzor. The Head of the Service stressed the necessity of developing bilateral mutual relations between the countries as regards mutual agricultural product deliveries. In the course of the dialogue the uniqueness and historicity of the Rosselkhoznadzor subordinate Federal Centre for Animal Health (the FGBI “ARRIAH”) was emphasized. In this vein the high level of vaccines against avian and cattle diseases including such dangerous diseases as foot-and-mouth-disease produced by the institute was appreciated.

Mr. Mahdi Thumad Mhaisen expressed gratitude for the possibility to get familiar with the activities of the Russian colleagues. He also reported that the key goal of the visit was to get familiar with the situation on animal disease spread in the country as well as on disease control. It was mentioned that at present poultry export from Russia to Iraq was prohibited due to avian influenza outbreaks. At the same time it was announced that the Iraqi party did not exclude the revision of the current point of view following the visit. In its turn it will enable poultry product export from some regions of Russia in compliance with the regionalization implemented in the country.

In the course of the meeting the representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor disclosed the epidemic situation in the country in detail. In addition, a video in Arabic was shown concerning poultry meat production control in Russia.

During the forthcoming visit the Iraqi colleagues will visit establishments interested in import of their products to the Republic of Iraq which are situated in Bryansk and Kursk Oblasts.


Oct 30, 2017

Categorys: Administration , Veterinary , Epizootic situation , Import. Export. Transit