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Rosselkhoznadzor Held Working Meeting with Representatives of Directorate General for Health and Food Safety of the European Commission

On April 10-11, 2018 in Grange (Republic of Ireland) the representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor held a working meeting with the representatives of the Directorate on Health and Food Audits and Analysis of the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety of the European Commission (DG SANTE), led by Director - Ms. Paola Colombo.

In accordance with the request of the Russian side, the Directorate’s draft report was discussed, following the audit which was held in the Russian Federation from 9 to 20 October 2017 in order to assess the control of residual substances and pollutants in live animals and products of animal origin, including monitoring the use of veterinary medicinal products. In addition, at the meeting a report on the implementation of the Food Safety and Quality Monitoring Plan implemented in the Russian Federation in 2017 and the Monitoring Plan for 2018 were considered.

With a view to resolving the issue as soon as possible and eliminating the discrepancies in the report, the parties dwelled in detail on each of the five recommendations of the report and outlined the concrete steps necessary for the successful implementation of the action plan by the Russian Federation.

Also during the discussion, the representatives of the Directorate noted some progress related to the measures already taken by the Russian Federation to eliminate the discrepancies identified during the audit and recognized the Quality and Safety Monitoring Plan as sufficient.

However, the representatives of the Directorate pointed out that there remains a need for additional actions by the Rosselkhoznadzor aimed at collecting documentary evidence on the effective implementation of the measures taken to eliminate each incompliances noted in the audit report.

In this regard, the parties agreed that within 4 weeks the Rosselkhoznadzor will prepare and forward to the Directorate an updated action plan with implementation deadlines for each of the Directorate's recommendations.

In conclusion, the parties noted the importance of the face-to-face format of the meeting, which contributes to a better understanding of the point of view of each party, which, ultimately, will allow the completion of the final version of the report.


Apr 11, 2018

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