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Absence of response from the State Service for Plant, Fish, Animal and Food Surveillance of Norway (Mattilsynet) to the requests from the Rosselkhoznadzor

These days in the native mass media there have been statements spread by one of the branch associations. The statements informed of the requests addressed to the Rosselkhoznadzor by the representatives of the Norwegian fish industry with their suggestions on settlement of issues related to the assurance of guaranteed safety of fish products supplied by Norway to the Russian market.

In this respect the Rosselkhoznadzor considers it necessary to make the following clarifications: in accordance with the international legal requirements the Rosselkhoznadzor can accept such guarantees only from the competent body authorized for animal health control and supervision by the government of the exporting country but not from private commercial bodies or their associations. In Norway such body is the State Service for Plant, Fish, Animal and Food Surveillance (Mattilsynet). Herewith the Rosselkhoznadzor understands and supports the business community efforts aimed at the improvement of safety of veterinary controlled food products supplied to the Russian market. The Rosselkhoznadzor repeatedly applied to the Mattilsynet for information on correction of non-compliances in the Norwegian Veterinary Service activities identified during the inspection performed in February current year; on measures taken by the Norwegian party in respect of systemic safety assurance of fish and marine products supplied to Russia as well as on the results of inspections of the Norwegian fish processing plants and their products in respect to their compliance to the Customs Union and Russian requirements. Up to present moment the information requested by the Rosselkhoznadzor has not been received. Moreover during the bilateral negotiations between Russia and Norway held on April 25-26, 2012 in Brussels the Mattilsynet informed that it could not take any measures on exclusion of the Norwegian establishments incapable of complying with the Russian and Customs Union rules and regulations from the list of Norwegian establishments approved for their product exportation to Russia and the Customs Union.

May 3, 2012

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