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Meeting between Head of Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert and Portuguese Ambassador Mario Godinho

The parties discussed the issue of the agreement of the mutually accepted regionalization in the EU territory due to African swine fever. Despite of a lot of meetings and consultations held to discuss the issue the European Commission does not accept the Rosselkhoznadzor’s proposal to regionalize the EU territory in several stages based on actual risks for pork production both in the European Union and in Russia. At the first stage it is proposed to establish a risk zone up to the western borders of the countries bordering the affected states including Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungry, Romania and affected Lithuania and Poland due to the presence of large wild boar populations in the territories of these countries, high number of small pig farms and lack of active monitoring and evidence of these countries’ freedom. The European party persistently proposes to approve the EU territory regionalization envisaging the isolation of only 6 Lithuanian regions and several Polish administrative regions located along the border with Belarus. If the EC accepted the Rosselkhoznadzor’s proposal it would enable to take a positive decision in relation to the EU countries located far away from the outbreaks in Lithuania and Poland. The process of a mutually accepted solution finding is significantly dragged on by the fact that the European Commission initiated a dispute in the WTO.

In its turn taking into account a long-term experience in ASF control and eradication (ASF outbreaks have not been registered since 1993 in Portugal) the Portuguese party expressed readiness to hold technical negotiations aimed at experience sharing in this sphere. The Rosselkhoznadzor expressed interest in the establishment of technical contacts and sending the experts from a scientific and research institute subordinate to the Rosselkhoznadzor to Portugal. Besides, the parties discussed the issue on joint inspection of the Portuguese plants interested in exports of their animal and fish products to the Customs Union. The inspection is scheduled for the second half of the current year. The Committee for Veterinary Control and Surveillance of the Kazakhstani Ministry of Agriculture did not express any interest in the participation in the inspection. The response of the Belarusian party has not been received by the Rosselkhoznadzor yet.

Apr 8, 2014

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