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Danish Veterinary and Food Administration of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries addresses Rosselkhoznadzor

The address, in particular, states that the Danish Veterinary Service is seriously concerned about temporary restrictions on pork supplies from Europe imposed by Russia. “We are keeping track of the Russian-EU talks but unfortunately no decision has been made yet. It appears that in this connection we should involve a bilateral approach to resume trade in live pigs between Denmark and Russia”, the letter further states.

A set of preventive protective measures aimed at eliminating risk of the agent introduction to Denmark is described in the letter. “The Danish system is a closed one and based on the OIE standards. Danish plants authorized for export to Russia have the highest biosafety level according to the OIE standards”.

A list of closed type slaughterhouses with owned farms is attached to the letter. These slaughterhouses are already approved for export to Russia.

“As we do not expect any progress in the talks between Russia and European Union on supplies of pork and breeding animals in the near future, we ask you to consider if it is possible to sign a separate certificate for pork and breeding animal supplies from Denmark and Russia for the period required for settling the problem”, the address reads.

The Rosselkhoznadzor has already been approached with similar request from the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Belgium. These requests confirm the reasonability of the Rosselkhoznadzor’s proposal to resume the supplies from the countries which are the most distant from the disease outbreaks in the EU territory followed by the arrangement of mutually accepted regionalization in other EU members provided food products are supplied from the plants with high biosecurity level.

Despite a very strong interest of separate EU members in exporting their pork products to the CU countries and readiness of their Veterinary Services to provide additional safety guarantees as regards such products, the European Commission is standing by its guns to prevent such outcome preferring to “solve” the problem by political pressure or by filing a complaint to the WTO. In this respect the Rosselkhoznadzor considers necessary to once again emphasize that biosafety issues can be settled only by mutually acceptable solutions offered by competent government authorities.

As regards certification of products regulated by the state veterinary service the issue can be considered at the nearest meeting of the Eurasian Economic Commission. The European Commission has not applied to the Eurasian Economic Commission to agree new veterinary certificate for pork product supplies. 

Apr 9, 2014

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