Rosselkhoznadzor - News Rosselkhoznadzor - News en Rosselkhoznadzor 2007 - 2009 (Web Admin) (Web Admin) Talks between Rosselkhoznadzor and Director of Main State Inspection for Seed Breeding, Quarantine and Plant Protection of Republic of Belarus Alexander Piskun

A teleconference with Director of Main State Inspection for Seed Breeding, Quarantine and Plant Protection of the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter referred to as the Inspection) Alexander Piskun took place on October 3 on the initiative of the Rosselkhoznadzor.

The excess of fresh tomato export from the Republic of Belarus to the Russian Federation compared to the declared export was the topic of the discussion.

At the beginning of September the Inspection submitted information about the planned tomato production and export from the Republic of Belarus to the Russian Federation including the list of producers and areas for growing the said products on the field and under coverage.

The Rosselkhoznadzor expressed concern about the fact that the tomato export was 2.3 thousand tons higher than the declared one and asked the Director of the Inspection to comment on that fact.

Alexander Piskun informed that tomato production is well developed in the Republic of Belarus. The planned tomato production this year is to make 5 thousand tons on the field and 88.5 thousand tons under coverage. However, the season for growing tomatoes on the field came to an end in mid-September due to unfavourable weather conditions. Russia accounts for 99% of Belarusian tomato exports, Belarus has planned to export 42.8 thousand tons to the Russian market this year but according to the Inspectorate 45.6 thousand tons had already been exported by October 3.

Alexander Piskun clarified the issue of arranging the on-site phytosanitary certification of tomatoes, cucumbers and apples exported to Russia.

The Rosselkhoznadzor in its turn mentioned that there were questions concerning multiple increase in Turkish tomato import to the Republic of Belarus taking into the consideration well-developed tomato production in Belarus.

According to Belstat Turkish tomato import during the 7 months of 2017 is 3.5 times higher than during the year of 2015 and 12 times higher than in 2012.

Alexander Piskun made it clear that due to the economic sanctions Turkish tomatoes were lower at cost than those of Belarus origin thus being in demand in the market of Belarus. He also expressed readiness to receive the specialists of the Rosselkhoznadzor to examine tomato production areas.

At the end of the talks the Rosselkhoznadzor asked the Director of the Inspection to submit additional information concerning average tomato yields and also the demand for the said products among the Belarusians.

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Meeting between Deputy Head of Rosselkhoznadzor Yulia Shvabauskene and Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mirko Sharkovich The talks took place in Moscow on the initiative of the Bosnian party and with the participation of the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Russian Federation on October 3 of this year. Mirko Sharkovich leading the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations and also being the Vice Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the Co-Chairman of the Russian-Bosnian- Herzegovinian Intergovernmental Commission thanked the Rosselkhoznadzor for close and productive cooperation, as a result of which the Report on the compliance with phytosanitary requirements during mutual deliveries of high phytosanitary risk products was signed. The initialling of the document provided the basis for developing safe plant products trade between the two countries. However there is still a problem with products certification staff having incomplete knowledge of the Russian legislation requirements which was discovered by the Rosselkhoznadzor during the visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina aimed at assessing the phytosanitary control system.

To settle this problem the parties reached the agreement to hold training workshops by the Rosselkhoznadzor experts next year for both the representatives of the Bosnian services supervising plant products exported to Russia and the employees of the establishments interested in exporting .

In the nearest time the Bosnian party will send the additional information to the Rosselkhoznadzor to harmonize the organization methods of the forthcoming workshops.

In the context of  the discussion on veterinary surveillance Mirko Sharkovich informed that after receiving the Rosselkhoznadzor final report on the results  of inspecting  Bosnian meat and dairy products establishments interested in exporting in April of the current year, Bosnia and Herzegovina had started work on correcting the non-compliance and improving the veterinary and laboratory control system.

After receiving the detailed information on the results of the work conducted in Bosnia and Herzegovina the Rosselkhoznadzor will consider admitting Bosnian animal products to the Russian food market. 

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Sergey Dankvert Conducted Working Meeting with Head of State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Safety Inspectorate Affiliated to Government of Kyrgyz Republic

On September 28, 2017 at EEC venue a working meeting between Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert and Head of the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Safety Inspectorate affiliated to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic Kalysbek Zhumakanov took place.

During the negotiations the parties discussed the appeal of the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Safety Inspectorate affiliated to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic on listing a number of Kyrgyz producers of veterinary certifiable products on the Register of establishments authorized for export to Russia. The Russian party confirmed that hereunder a request for further information about those producers had been made.

In the course of the meeting an issue of temporary restrictions on exports of the Kyrgyz Republic enterprise OAO “Ak-Sut” products to the Russian Federation was discussed. Kalysbek Zhumakanov reported that the studies had been conducted which showed full compliance of the products with the veterinary and sanitary requirements of Russia. The laboratory test reports were sent to the Rosselkhoznadzor. In return the Russian party mentioned that the submitted test reports had been prepared with multiple faults and changing the status of the establishment on their basis didn’t seem possible. The parties reached an agreement to resend the specimens for testing to the Rosselkhoznadzor laboratory in Barnaul.

The Head of the State Inspectorate emphasized that due to Russia’s grant new equipment had been delivered to the Republic, laboratories reconstruction had taken place, a number of Kyrgyz specialists received training in the Rosselkhoznadzor subordinate institutes.

During the talks the Kyrgyz party also informed about severe deficiency in poultry meat in the Republic and in this connection asked the Rosselkhoznadzor to approve poultry meat deliveries against guarantees of the Chinese party from the two establishments inspected together with the Rosselkhoznadzor in summer 2017. The Head of the RF Service expressed readiness to consider the official inquiry of the Kyrgyz party on that issue.

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Mongolian Delegation Visits FGBI ARRIAH On 14-20 September, 2017 the representative of the Veterinary Department of Mongolia came on a working visit to the subordinate to the Rosselkhoznadzor FGBI “Federal Center for Animal Health” to hold negotiations on bilateral scientific and technical cooperation for epizootic safety provision of nighbouring countries.

The both sides discussed cooperation in the field of animal health and control of economically significant highly dangerous diseases being an issue of common concern. The FGBI ARRIAH specialists spoke about modern methods of FMD and PPR prevention and diagnosis as well as showed the production and laboratory facilities to the visitor.

As a result of the visit the parties reached the agreements on bilateral collaboration and outlined an action plan on collaboration between the countries in order to successfully accomplish common tasks in the field of animal health. 

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Meeting between Rosselkhoznadzor Representatives and Embassy of Japan in Moscow The protocol meeting between the Rosselkhoznadzor and Counsellor of the Embassy of Japan to Russia Kendzi Kori was held on September 20, 2017 in Moscow.

Kendzi Kori noted with satisfaction about improvement and successful development of the Russian-Japanese diplomatic, trade and economic relations and expressed gratitude to the Rosselkhoznadzor for contribution in collaboration of the both countries, professional work and confidence in the representatives of the Embassy of Japan in Moscow.

The Rosselkhoznadzor thanked the representatives of the Embassy and Mr. Kori personally who is completing his diplomatic mission in Moscow, for constructive cooperation and significant contribution in establishing links between competent veterinary and phytosanitary services of Russia and Japan.

The next Counsellor of the Embassy of Japan to Russia will be Hiroaki Sato who was introduced at the meeting. He expressed hope for continuation of the effective mutual work on development of mutually beneficial trade in agricultural sector.

The sides also discussed a number of technical issues related to mutual supplies of products of plant and animal origin. 

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Rosselkhoznadzor’s Delegation Visited the Kingdom of Netherlands on the Issue of Ensuring Phytosanitary Safety during Export of the Dutch Seed Potatoes to Russia

On September 13, 2017 in the framework of the International Potato Congress and Exhibition Potato Europe (Emmeloord, Netherlands) the Rosselkhoznadzor delegation held several meetings aimed at discussion of the traceability system and phytosanitary control of seed potatoes produced in the Netherlands.

The Russian Party was represented by Yu. A. Shvabauskene, Deputy Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor, and Yu. M. Koroleva, Director of the FGBI “Centre for grain safety and quality assessment” and the Dutch Party was represented by Mr. Philip de Yong, CPO, Mr. Dick Hylkema, Director of the Dutch Potato Organization, Mr. Meeuwes Brouwer, Agricultural Counselor at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Moscow, and O.V. Pugayev, Counselor at the Russian Embassy in the Netherlands.

In the framework of the visit the Parties agreed upon performing preshipment control of seed potato consignments reserved by the Russian consignee for import to Russia from the Dutch nurseries in late September. They also set the dates of inspection of Dutch potato establishments by the Rosselkhoznadzor specialists.

Exact dates of the inspection on Dutch seed potato control will be agreed upon after receiving requests from Russian importers in the established form.

The Deputy Head of the Service remarked that Dutch seed potato export to the Russian Federation has gone down, in particular, due to detection of quarantine objects, such as pale cyst nematode.

Yu. A. Shvabauskene, also informed that the Russian Federation set requirements for the quality of imported seed material. Presence, for instance, of silver scurf in imported seed potatoes, refers potatoes to a low quality class despite of the fact that the disease in not a quarantine one.

Within the specified visit the meeting between the Dutch companies exporting seed potatoes and specialists of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs was held on the invitation of the Dutch Potato Association.

Heads of the Russian companies and holdings such as “Agrico” Group, Russian Branch of the Dutch company HZPC Holland B.V. as well as representatives of the Dutch companies and representations of German companies in the Netherlands – Norica, etc., took part in the meeting.

Mr. Dick Hylkema considers that the major task of the Dutch Party is to fully comply with the RF requirements for export of Dutch potatoes to the Russian Federation.

The Russian Party also informed that common EEU documents in the field of plant quarantine came into force on July 1, 2017. Besides during the meeting the Dutch Party brought up an issue of vegetable product re-export from African countries through the EU, including through Rotterdam. For today quite a few cases of adulteration were detected due to phytosanitary certificate authorization. Re-export from 27 African countries was banned by the Rosselkhoznadzor. The Dutch party remarked that it performed control of products for countries of origin also by authorizing phytosanitary certificates that accompanied the products. Herewith, pollen analysis is not used for testing vegetable products for the country of origin as it does not give a real picture of the country of origin.

The Rosselkhoznadzor’s delegation also visited the international potato exhibition Potato Europe in Emmeloord, where the representatives of the Russian and Dutch business communities were present.

Besides, a meeting was held in the Dutch General Inspection Service for Agricultural Seed and Seed Potatoes (NAK). During the meeting the participants discussed a few issues on the Dutch policy in the field of traceability and phytosanitary control of seed potatoes and crop seeds.


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Rosselkhoznadzor Took Part in Russian-Turkish Executive Committee on Agriculture Meeting On September 13-14, 2017 the meeting of the Russian-Turkish Executive Committee on Agriculture was held on the level of Deputy Ministers in Turkey. The Rosselkhoznadzor representatives also took part in the meeting.

The Russian Delegation was headed by RF Deputy Minister of Agriculture Yevgeny Gromyko. Vital issues and prospects of bilateral cooperation in agriculture including assurance ofagricultural product mutual access were discussed in the course of negotiations.

The parties discussed access of Russian animal products (beef, lamb and poultry) to the Turkish market. The Turkish side submitted the report on inspection of three Russian establishments. It was agreed that when the results are studied by the Rosselkhoznadzor experts the parties will continue working in this direction.

The Russian party also noted the interest of Russian establishments in export of poultry meat to Turkey. The Turkish side informed Russian colleagues that it is currently 100% self sufficient and is also interested in export of its poultry meat to Russia. The parties agreed to work further on this issue to find mutually acceptable solutions. The Turkish side will send all necessary information on the access procedure for goose, duck and turkey meat to the market in the near future.

It was also agreed that competent authorities of both countries should cooperate closely to ensure phytosanitary safety. Besides, the Rosselkhoznadzor will consider the list of Turkish establishments interested in export of pomegranates and egg plants to the Russian market.

The Turkish side expressed its interest again in resumption of tomato export to Russia and requested to consider the removal of current restrictions imposed by the RF Government and Rosselkhoznadzor. The Russian party noted that if the RF Government lifts the restrictions the tomato export issue will be addressed by the competent authorities of two countries. The Russian party highlighted that in order to ensure Russian phytosanitary safety the most acceptable option would be export of tomatoes from large-scale holdings being both producers and exporters and able to ensure traceability of their products.

Within the framework of the session the Deputy Ministers of Agriculture held a meeting with the business society representatives of both countries and initiated the establishment of the Russian Turkish Business Council for Agriculture under the Executive Committee.  

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Argentina’s Abolishment of Import Duty on Domestically Produced High Quality DAP Opens Prospects for Fertilizer Producers in Russia

The joint resourceful activity of members of the Intergovernmental Russian-Argentina Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation chaired by Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert on the Russian side resulted in the Decree signed by President of the Republic of Argentina Mauricio Macri that abolishes 6% duty on import of high-quality diammonium phosphate (DAP) produced in Russia.

Argentina is the second largest market in Latin America after Brazil. Hence this decision offers additional opportunities for Russian producers of fertilizers and strengthens competitiveness of Russian products on international markets.

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Working Meeting between Top Officials of the Rosselkhoznadzor and Food and Veterinary Authority of the Faroe Islands Was Held in Moscow A meeting between Dmitry Natarov, Assistant to the Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor, and Bardur Enni, Executive Director of the Food and Veterinary Authority of the Faroe Islands was held in Moscow on September 12, 2017.

At the meeting much attention was paid to the responsibility of the Faroese party for safety of fish and products thereof exported to the Russian Federation. In particular, the Rosselkhoznadzor provided detailed explanations of the requirements of the EAEU Technical Regulation on fish product safety governing inter alia control of Listeria in raw fish and processed fish products that was put into force on September 1, 2017. The parties discussed Russian and Faroese sampling and sample preparation methods as well as Listeria testing methods and agreed on necessity of maximum rapid communication on cases of noncompliance of products with the specified requirements. This will facilitate the Rosselkhoznadzor to make prompt decisions on further release of such products. Bardur Enni notified the Rosselkhoznadzor about ongoing implementation of GIS MERCURIUS electronic certification of livestock products and noted that the date of full use of the system would be determined after all technical procedures completion.

The Faroese party also requested the Rosselkhoznadzor to put into action the process of technical amendment of the certificate for fish product imported to the Russian Federation and EAEU countries.

In conclusion, the parties expressed their satisfaction in current high level of cooperation and agreed to continue harmonization of technical aspects of fish and fish product supplies from Faroese establishments to the Russian market including use of electronic systems of veterinary certification for minimization of risks for both parties. 

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Visit of the Rosselkhoznadzor Specialists to Italy for Preshipment Control of Planting Material Consignments The Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance informs that on the invitation of the Central Phytosanitary Service of the Ministry for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies of the Italian Republic, the Rosselkhoznadzor experts will be visiting Italy on September 11-24, 2017 to control planting material consignments intended for export to the Russian Federation basing on the requests of the Russian participants of foreign economic activities obtained by the Rosselkhoznadzor.

Upon the results of inspection and laboratory tests the Rosselkhoznadzor will make a decision upon import of reserved planting material consignments to the territory of the Russian Federation. 

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Rosselkhoznadzor Participated in 20th Session of Intergovernmental Russian –Vietnam Committee for Economic-Commercial and Scientific-Technological Cooperation

On September 6-8, 2017 the Rosselkhoznadzor representatives participated in the 20th Session of the Intergovernmental Russian —Vietnam Committee for Economic-Commercial and Scientific-Technological Cooperation that was held in Vietnam.

In the framework of the Committee the head of the Russian delegation, Deputy Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Nikolai Vlasov held a working meeting with colleagues from the State Department of Animal Health of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (DAH).

The parties harmonized veterinary certificates for beef, poultry and offal thereof exported from Russia to Vietnam.

During the meeting the Russian side expressed its concern about the fact that 4 meat-processing establishments previously approved for export of their products to Vietnam were removed from the register of Vietnam. As the Vietnamese colleagues explained, this situation occurred due to transfer of relevant powers from the State Administration for quality control and surveillance of agricultural, forestry and fish products of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (NAFIQAD) to DAH; on September 8, 2017 3 of 4 Russian establishments were recovered in the Register. One pig farm previously removed from the Register will be recovered after harmonizing conditions of pork exports from Russia to Vietnam.

In its turn the Russian party promised to submit to the Vietnamese authority conditions for export of primates to Russia. Besides, due to the Vietnamese interest in expanding the list of Vietnamese establishments approved for export to Russia, the Rosselkhoznadzor will consider the possibility of conducting inspection of Vietnamese pork- and aquaculture-producing establishments and is expecting an official invitation from the Vietnamese party.

On September 7 the Rosselkhoznadzor representatives held a meeting with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam where procedures for milk product exports from Russia to Vietnam were discussed. The representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam explained that in Vietnam powers for control of dairy exports are shared between the Ministry of Agriculture (non-processed dairy products), the Ministry of Industry and Trade (processed dairy products) and the Ministry of Health (specialized products). In this regard the parties agreed that the Rosselkhoznadzor will officially address to the Vietnamese party with a request to provide relevant regulatory documents of Vietnam. The next step will be conducting inspections of Russian establishments interested in exports to Vietnam by the Rosselkhoznadzor specialists and their registration in the CERBERUS information system. After that the exporter will have to apply to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam for obtaining an export permit.

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Russian poultry Establishments Are Provided Access to Iraq Market

Three Russian establishments producing poultry products (ZAO «Stavropolsky broiler», Blagodarstvenny branch; OOO «Ptitsekombinat»; OAO «Ptitsefabrica Vasilyevskaya») are authorized for export of their products to Iraq based on the inspection carried out by Iraqi experts in April 2017.

Therewith, according to the Iraqi party requirements the business operator interested in export of its products to Iraq shall initiate itself the said procedure jointly with Iraqi importer. The next step for authorization is a visit of Iraqi experts for inspection of the establishment. The Rosselkhoznadzor is ready to send its experts for participation in the said inspection.

However, because of the fact that a ban on import of Russian poultry meat and poultry meat products due to avian influenza outbreaks is currently in place in Iraq the regionalization of the Russian Federation territory on avian influenza shall be performed for approval of poultry product export to Iraq. For this purpose, Iraqi colleagues are going to visit Russia in the nearest future for consultations on the matter.

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The Rosselkhoznadzor Delegation Visits Vietnam On the threshold of the 20-th session of the Russian-Vietnamese Intergovernmental Commission for Trade and Economic and Scientific and Technical Cooperation, planned to be held in the city of Ho Chi Ming in the period of September 6-8, 2017, the Rosselkhoznadzor delegation led by Assistant to the Head Vassiliy Lavrovsky has arrived in the city of Hanoi. The delegation includes a group of the FGBI “ARRIAH” employees headed by Director Dmitry Lozovoy, the staff members of the FTE “Russian Fumigation Group” and the FGBI “Grain Quality Assessment Centre”. In the programme of the delegation there is a wide range of issues related to the export promotion of Russian agricultural products and up-to-date tools to control dangerous animal diseases to Vietnam, and also to safety assurance of animal products exported to Russia from Vietnam.

On August 21, this year the consultations between the Rosselkhoznadzor delegation and Director of Plant Protection Department of the Ministry of Agriculture  and Agricultural Development of Rural Territories of Vietnam Trung Hoang took place. The representative of the Russian Federation Trade Mission in Vietnam also took part in the meeting.

In the course of the meeting the Russian party informed the Vietnamese specialists and officials about Russia’s intention to increase grain supplies to Vietnam and widen the assortment of exported grain products, and in this connection requested to provide Rosselkhoznadzor with the updated list of quarantine phytosanitary requirements, and also the requirements for plant products including grain and grain products to the Rosselkhoznadzor. The Vietnamese party expressed readiness to provide such information by an official letter in the near future. According to the Head of Plant Protection Department the Vietnamese service is satisfied with safety and quality characteristics of Russian grain (mainly being maize for the present), no complaints against products exported from Russia have been expressed by the Vietnamese competent service for the last 4 years at least. Trung Hoang noted that a phytosanitary certificate and absence of quarantine pests in the grain is the necessary condition to import to Vietnam and that is in compliance with the International Plant Protection Convention. In this context the parties also discussed the possible methods of exported grain decontamination.

The participants of the meeting confirmed their intention to develop cooperation in the field of plant quarantine and animal disease control. The Russian party invited the Vietnamese specialists to visit laboratories and science and research institutes subordinate to the Rosselkhoznadzor as a part of the joint efforts to ensure safety of mutual agricultural product deliveries.

For reference: In 2016/17 agricultural year export of Russian grain and grain products to Vietnam market exceeded 1 million tons. 

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Negotiations between the Rosselkhoznadzor and Ambassador of Colombia On the 18th of August, 2017 negotiations were held between the Rosselkhoznadzor and the Embassy of Colombia. The Russian side was represented by Deputy Head of the Federal Service Konstantin Savekov, the Colombian side was represented by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Alfonso Caballero. FMD situation in Colombia was one of the subjects raised by the two sides. The Colombian ambassador handed over a set of documents with information on the measures taken by the Colombian services to eradicate 3 FMD outbreaks. Totally 3500 cattle were subject to emergency slaughter.

Due to the fact that since the 11th of June the OIE has officially suspended the “status of FMD free zone with vaccination” (that was previously valid for the main part of Colombia including livestock zones along the Atlantic coast producing beef for export), Alfonso Caballero expressed hope that Colombia would reinstate its status in the OIE as soon as possible. The Russian side noted in its turn that it encouraged Colombia’s intention to clarify FMD situation and it expected successful solution to the issue of reinstating the status of the country with an FMD –free zone with vaccination.  As soon as the status is reinstated, it will be possible to consider a possibility to lift restrictions imposed on supplies of products posing FMD risks.

The Rosselkhoznadzor noted that Russia is keen that the officially recognized and reinstated OIE status of the country with an FMD-free zone without vaccination should be maintained. In addition to it, the sides discussed harmonization of 2 memoranda with two competent authorities of Colombia  (El Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos и INSTITUTO COLOMBIANO AGROPECUARIO (INVIMA and ICA)) and agreed to intensify mutual cooperation in the field. During the negotiations the Russian side informed his Excellency that electronic veterinary certification will be in operation from the 1st of January, 2018 throughout the whole territory of Russia. Alongside with it, the Rosselkhoznadzor seeks to increase cooperation with its trade partners in the field of practical use of electronic certification. Most successful cooperation has been built with such countries as Brazil, China, Chile, and Argentine. Corresponding proposal to establish informational cooperation was sent to the Colombian competent authorities.

The Colombian side confirmed its interest in this field and informed that it would be ready for technical video consultations with the Rosselkhoznadzor on all aspects after examination of the received information and its thorough analysis. During the negotiations the Rosselkhoznadzor confirmed the receipt of the ICA letter containing suggestions on amendments to the model veterinary certificate required for  import of products to the Eurasian Economic Union namely in the part on laboratory monitoring of products intended for export to Russia for radiological parameters. The Rosselkhoznadzor will prepare the official response and forward it to the ICA in the near future. However, the Rosselkhoznadzor Deputy Head underlined that the requirements were the same for all the countries exporting fish products to the Eurasian Economic Union and they are included in the National monitoring plan depending on the radiation situation in the exporting country. The Colombian side also expressed its interest in extending the list of establishments authorized to export aquaculture to Russia. The Rosselkhoznadzor reminded that 5 Colombian aquaculture establishments were inspected in 2008 but only one establishment was recommended by experts for export to Russia. The Rosselkhoznadzor confirmed that this aspect could be addressed after start of supplies from previously listed fish processing establishments and based on monitoring of products from the mentioned establishment exporting to the Russian Federation and based on the EEC inspection, if necessary.

At the end of the meeting the sides expressed hope for bilateral trade facilitation and turnover increase. 

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Rosselkhoznadzor’s Consultations with the Faroese Food and Veterinary Authority Telephone talks between the Deputy Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Konstantin Savenkov and Executive Director of the Faroese Food and Veterinary Authority Bardur Enni were held on August 14 this year.

The consultations were devoted to building cooperation in the field of e-certification system application in case of animal product export from Faroese establishments to Russia.

Konstantin Savenkov informed that the Rosselkhoznadzor has been developing a set of veterinary information systems for many years and the special attention was given to e-certification program for controlled consignments. By 2018 e-certification of animal products will have been implemented throughout Russia and will become compulsory. The Rosselkhoznadzor is also actively developing cooperation with other countries – trade partners in the field of e-certification system implementation which allows immediate confirmation of the consignment origin and minimizes document falsification and product smuggling. Besides, as such practice of cooperation with third countries shows, e-certification makes data exchange process much easier and curtails the time required for issuing and checking documents.

Discussing the advantages of transition to the new form of cooperation the Rosselkhoznadzor also remarked that it will partially satisfy the request of the Faroese side to ease the process of certifying products exported to Russia as it will make it possible for a veterinarian to issue documents at the production facilities and the official inspector, being at a different place, to attest them on-line.

Bardur Enni expressed readiness to start working in this area. The parties aggreed to hold a videoconference between technical specialists in the nearest time to present the system developed by the Rosselkhoznadzor and discuss further cooperation.

During the talks the parties also gave attention to issues of safety of fish products exported to Russia. In particular they discussed a case when banned and harmful substances were detected in products exported by a Faroese establishment to Russia. Bardur Enni mentioned that the Veterinary Service was investigating the reason for export of products noncompliant with the EEU veterinary and sanitary norms. The results of the investigation will be forwarded to the Rosselkhoznadzor in the nearest time.

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Mutual Warning System between the Rosselkhoznadzor and AQSIQ Developed to Curb Falsification of Health Certificates for Fish Meal Exported from the Russian Federation to China

The Rosselkhoznadzor and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ) agreed to establish a scheme of exchanging information on health certificates for fish meal issued and sent by the Rosselkhoznadzor for export from the Russian Federation to China.

The mutual warning system will help to rapidly find a solution to falsification of health certificates issued by the Rosselkhoznadzor inspectors for fish meal exported from the Russian Federation to China. The falsification cases were detected during the official inspection of the AQSIQ experts at the Russian fish-processing plants/vessels – producing fish meal, fish oil.

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Export of Russian Heat-treated Products to Japan The Food Safety and Consumer Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan informed of the following (letter from June 29, 2017): before the completion of evaluation of epidemic situation in Russia, and for attestation of the Russian enterprises producing heat-treated products from cloven-hoofed animals and poultry for export to Japan, it is necessary to carry out inspection of each enterprise by Japan specialists. In this regard enterprises interested in export of the said products to Japan shall apply to relevant territorial administration of the Rosselkhoznadzor to carry out the inspection  for compliance with veterinary and sanitary requirements of Japan and for further application forwarding to Japan. 

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Negotiations between Rosselkhoznadzor and Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

Meeting between the Rosselkhoznadzor representatives and N. Ruksupap, specialist of the Veterinary Inspection and Quarantine Department of the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, was held on June 28, 2017. Representatives of the Royal Thai Embassy in Moscow also took part in the meeting.

The meeting was held in the framework of previous arrangements of the Competent Authorities of the two countries on procedure of exporting domestic animal products, i.e. pork offal, to the Thai market. Previously the Rosselkhoznadzor had sent the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives answers to the questionnaire on the system of safety insurance during this product manufacturing in Russia. During analysis of the submitted materials experts of the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives prepared additional questions to the Rosselkhoznadzor associated with arrangement and implementation of ASF prevention and control measures in Russia. In that respect specialists of the ASF Reference Laboratory and Information Analysis Centre of the subordinate to the Rosselkhoznadzor FGBI «All Russian Centre for Animal Health» (FGBI «ARRIAH») made a detail research and submitted the required documents on the specified issues and on the RF territory regionalization for dangerous diseases to the Thai party.

N. Ruksupap thanked the Rosselkhoznadzor specialists for the presentation and explained that having studied the submitted documents and considering additional information obtained during the consultation the special Export Council under the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives will make a decision on practicability of inspection of Russian establishments interested in export of pork offal (the invitation was sent to the Thai party). At the end of the negotiations the parties discussed several technical issues of feed and feed additive export to Russia from Thailand.

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Telephone Talks between Rosselkhoznadzor and Chief Department for Food and Control, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of the Turkish Republic

Technical consultation between specialists of the Rosselkhoznadzor and Chief Department for Food and Control of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of the Turkish Republic was held on June 28, 2017. The main topic of discussion was the official visit of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Turkish Republic, which will take place on July 10-14, 2017. During the visit RF establishments interested in beef export will be inspected.

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Forthcoming Meeting between Sergey Dankvert, Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor and Luis Benjamin Chimoy Arteaga, Peru's Ambassador to Russia

Meeting between Sergey Dankvert, Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor and Luis Benjamin Chimoy Arteaga, Peru’s Ambassador to Russia will be held on June 29 2017. It will be aimed at discussion of bilateral cooperation.

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